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Creative Solutions

Do you have a space that just doesn't seem to work? The picture above was a lost space in a kitchen that we were able to transform into the most used area of the house. Turning an Airstream into an art studio is another of my favorite projects. Give me a call and we will get the most out of your space.


Post Inspection / Listing Prep

You have found the seller and you're ready to sign when the inspection comes up with a list of honey dos. I can come in and get those done so you can sign those papers asap and move on with the next chapter. 
My experience in working with numerous realtors will help you determine where to make small adjustments for big returns.



What have I not repaired? From rehanging doors to rebuilding sheds I have done it all. The above picture is one of my favorites. One of these cabinets had been busted out by the previous owners. I rebuilt the other side to make it look like it had never happened. Can you tell which one is the original?


Locks and Security

My past as a locksmith and a parent of two boys I can help you keep your areas secure and your family safe.


Lighting and Electrical

Creating lighting fixtures from scratch to fit the space like the above photograph, hanging ceiling fans, mounting TVs, and changing or putting in new switches and outlets are some of the things I can do for you.

water heater_edited.jpg

Simple Plumbing

From a drippy faucet to putting in a professional grade dog washing station, I've got you covered. In the picture above I was able to save the client hundreds of dollars by replacing a valve and showing the existing water heater a little TLC.



A little paint goes a long way in making your house a home. Inside or outside with a listening ear and architecture as a hobby I can help you come up with a color palette that you will be happy to come home to.


Decks and Patios

From new builds to seamlessly replacing dry rot with wood that looks like it has always been there, I have done it all. Re-staining, repainting, repairs, or just a good pressure washing. I can help you get your outside living space as nice as your indoor living space.

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