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Repairs and To Dos

We all need more time. While I can't give you an extra hour to your day, I can save you lots of time by helping you tackle your "To Do" list.

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Baby Proofing

As a father, I have plenty of experience baby proofing a home. I also know it can be a daunting task as a new parent. Whether you are wanting to baby proof kitchen cabinets or customize a baby gate to compliment your home. Give me a call. I have done it all.


Fall is a beautiful time of year as leaves change. Unfortunately that means that your gutters will need a little extra TLC. With end of the year holidays and sporting events no one has time to spend an afternoon outside cleaning out the gutters on their house. It can easily become one of those "out of sight, out of mind" chores until you start to notice wood rot, roof damage, or unwanted insects hanging around. Give me a call and cross those gutters off your "To Do" list.


Get your project done and off the list!

Repairs and To Dos: Recent Projects
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