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Post Inspection / Listing Prep

Whether buying or selling add some value to your home with a few smart choices.


How do you want to use your attic?

Making smart choices can make a huge difference when listing your house. This house had an awkward attic space. By converting it to a luxurious closet we created a second master suite and significantly increased the value of the home.

From Ugly Doors to Secret Passage

The shallow bookcase to your left used to be a big door that led to the HVAC system in the attic. Since this isn't an area often accessed, I created a shallow bookcase on a hinge that can easily be opened and accessed when needed. The rest of the time it is a nice recessed bookshelf.


Are you planning to put your house on the market or just wanting to increase the value of your home? Maybe you just purchased a home and you are wanting to make some changes before moving everything in. Either way I am your guy.

Post Inspection/Listing Prep: Recent Projects
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