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Creative Solutions

Where Form Meets Function

Do you want to get the most out of your space? I can help you think outside of the box for a creative solution to your "problem area". Below are some examples of how I have helped some of my clients turn that one awkward space that wasn't well used to their highest functioning area of their home.


Converted Airstream Into an Art Studio

When a client wanted to turn an old Airstream into an Art Studio I was excited to make that dream a reality. On the outside it looks like a classic Airstream, on the inside it was transformed into a contemporary art studio with plenty of storage, natural light, space to work and even an industrial printer for large scale photography printing.

Not Another Broom Closet

The original space was a deep broom closet next to the refrigerator. It was a black hole for odds and ends. Not to mention the client didn't feel comfortable keeping dirty mops in the middle of the kitchen. Instead we came up with this customized pantry to fit the space with slide out drawers. It is now one of the most efficiently used spaces in their home.


Do you have a space that needs a little creative problem solving? Give me a call and we will turn it into your favorite space.

Creative Solutions: Recent Projects
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